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Featured Items

Backstage Pass to the Sanctuary!
Current Bid: $ 650.00 

Missy and Annie
Current Bid: $ 850.00 

Celebrate the end of summer
with the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest's

Summer Biddin'
online auction!

Bidding begins Thursday, August 28th
and ends Monday, September 1st

Learn how you can take part in a Summer Lovin' Party with your donation by watching the video below or go right to the Summer Lovin' Party page.


Learn more about Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest:

Learn more. Visit the chimpanzees' blog:
Thanks to Jonathan Houser for the video.

Top 10 Items!

  1. Green Day Raleigh Chopper MK3 Muscle Bike
  2. Summer Lovin' Party
  3. One Week Stay at Kauai Beach Resort
  4. Backstage Pass to the Sanctuary!
  5. Chimpanzee Photo Quilt
  6. Jane Goodall signed poster, book (not signed) and Mr. H Jr.
  7. $50 at Food Fight! Vegan Grocery Store - in the flesh or online
  8. Foxie Close-up Watercolor
  9. Two Tickets to the 11.23.14 Seahawks v. Cardinals football game
  10. Custom Watercolor of YOUR Favorite Animal

Fund a Need!

Summer Lovin' Party

 $ 5,000.00

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$ 500.00
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You can make this the best end-of-summer yet for the chimpanzees.

Make a donation directly to their care and help us throw a big party. Learn more on the Summer Lovin' page

Help us reach our Goal!